Anangsha Alammyan

She is the author of `Stolen Reflections` which has spent time in Amazon India's 'Top 10 Selling Novels' list and 'Hot & New Releases.' Her second book, ``What did Tashi do?`` is a cybercrime thriller that sold over 1000 copies in three months, earning the tag of ‘#1 Hot New Release’ on Amazon India. Hers is a well-known voice on Quora, and she has also earned the title of ``Top Writer' on the American blogging website, Medium. Apart from her writing career, Anangsha holds a master’s degree in civil engineering from IIT Guwahati. She is currently working as an Assistant Professor at NIT Silchar. Anangsha hopes to write her own fantasy fiction series someday.

Ghazala Anjum

She has a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering and is currently pursuing her Ph.D. Apart from reading, binging on TV series, and making origami designs, she works as a freelance writer, editor, and book reviewer in her spare time. Ghazala lives in Saudi Arabia with her husband and 5 cats who love snuggling next to her while she works. She proudly calls herself the ‘Crazy Cat Lady.

Haseeba Sayyed

She is currently pursuing Bachelors in Journalism from University of Delhi, which she got into with a lot of effort. She is a person who tries to become important for herself. Though a journalist is supposed to work on others’ stories, in this busy life and hectic schedule, what Haseeba is looking for is her own story.

Mridula Gupta

She is an avid reader and reviewer, who juggles her time between reading diverse literature and creating meaningful content with respect to books. She is a student of Biotechnology, and aspires to become a scientist. When not reading, she can be found poring over scientific articles or enjoying a cup of 'chai' at leisure. She adores romantic comedies, complicated characters, baffling cliffhangers, and soulful stories, and gets touchy when disturbed while reading. She is also a book and stationery hoarder, and is constantly stressed about her ever-increasing TBR.

Nazish Kondkari

She is a passionate writer from Mumbai, completed her Post Graduation in English Literature from Mumbai University, and is now completely dedicating her time to writing, blogging, and art. Her short stories have been published in three different anthology books. Nazish loves to read; while writing helps her survive, reading keeps her sane. When not daydreaming, she is either painting or trying her hand at illustration and graphic design.

Riddhima Poddar

She is pursuing her Bachelor’s in Journalism, Psychology and English from Christ University, Bangalore. She is currently obsessed with Zen Buddhism, and loves to explore new cuisines. Apart from being a voracious bookworm, she enjoys playing her ukulele and bingeing on the latest k-dramas out there.

Shruti Pandey

She is a book bug who spends most of her time searching for books and being excited about them. Rest of the time, she devours those books or just wastes time earning money or chatting.

Vini Bhati

An English Literature scholar, voracious reader, and uninhibited writer, Vini Bhati is defined by her irrevocable love for words. She is a corporate professional who creates engaging narratives for ad films and videos on financial literacy. Most of the time, she is cooking up imaginary characters and weaving fascinating narratives, often lost and found in them. She may be an introvert at heart, but can magically transform into a performer when the spotlight is on.

Vinita Dhondiyal Bhatnagar

Professor Vinita Dhondiyal Bhatnagar is a writer, storyteller, and day dreamer when she is not teaching English at an engineering university. Her areas of interest include cinema, theatre, fiction, women's fact everything under the sun, including the sun. She feels honoured to write for the literary and cultural magazine LitGleam, because in a world obsessed with politics, economics, and cricket, there is still a journal with the heart-space to hold writers and dreamers.

Aalia Jagwani

Aalia Jagwani is 17 years old, and is currently in the 12th grade, doing the IB Diploma program. She has grown up an avid reader, acutely aware of the power that the stories she reads have over her life and her perspectives. When she isn’t devouring words, she’s producing them—whether that involves writing articles for her school newsletter, book reviews and opinions on her literary blog on Instagram (@ifoundthewords), or simply pages that are hidden in her journal. Aalia plans on studying English at the University level and eventually pursuing a career in Literature

Surabhi Sharman

Surabhi Sharman is a romantic nostalgist, with a great deal of affection for the written word. She has a background in History, Art History, and Arts and Cultural Management. Her wide areas of interests include history, art, literature, culture, cinema, gastronomy, and public policy among others. She loves a good political debate as much as she loves the mellow verses of Mir.

Manali Desai

Manali Desai’s multi-disciplined profile constitutes that of a published poet and writer, editor, blogger and a freelance content and creative writer. Her diverse educational background with an MBA in Marketing & an MA in English literature gives her a broad base to approach varied topics to write about. Aloof to some and warm to others, her moods swing between hapless and happy, based on her hunger pangs. A bibliophile-turned-author, Manali enjoys spending her free time poring over books and pondering about life, alongside some good music and a cup of hot chocolate.

Shivangi Bhatia

Shivangi Bhatia is a literary aficionado, and is currently a student of MA in English Literature at the University of Delhi. She aspires to be an Academician and Writer (well, if marrying celebrity crushes proves impossible!). Always wreathed in smiles, you’ll mostly find her trying to channelize her inner creative goddess to action by speculating about abstract ideas and fantasizing about hypothetical-fictional scenarios. At other times, she can be found fretting over her perpetual procrastination or collecting immeasurable amounts of cute stationery. When asked what she likes to do for leisure, she immediately buries her nose in a book.

Nishtha Singh

An English Major from the University of Delhi, Nishtha Singh currently serves as a researcher for New Delhi Times; writing poems and articles for magazines to feed the creative zeal in her occupies all her time. Traversing the emotional arena on both personal and social levels, Nishtha’s writing aims to incorporate both egalitarian values and progressive optimism. Apart from writing and reading, experimenting with her culinary talents and dancing without the fear of being judged are what drench her in a pool of happiness.